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After three successful years of providing mentoring support to hundreds of young people, Evolve & Adapt is thrilled to have launched Evolve & Adapt Community!


Evolve & Adapt Community is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 2020, set up with the sole purpose of enabling us to make our mentoring services more accessible to young people in need across wider community.

Through the use of grant funding and donations, Evolve & Adapt Community aspire to:

  • Offer a portfolio of mentoring services to young people, schools, Local Authorities and their respective agencies

  • Develop a range of sports teams for vulnerable young people that take a mentoring led approach through sport

  • Deliver a comprehensive mentoring and coaching programme to young people with a view to provide them with the training, experience and qualifications to become community mentors

  • Work alongside vulnerable young people involved in criminal/anti-social behaviour, those that lack motivation and those that due to inequality or inequity have not had the ability to succeed, set up their own enterprise. 

Contact Us

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1 The Old Stables, Eridge Park, 

Tunbridge Wells



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